Hello, everyone my name is Imoja Brown,

I was born in Boston, MA but currently live in Maryland. Both of my parents are from Jamaica, so I have Caribbean influence all throughout my blood. I currently have an associates degree in culinary arts (which you will hear stories about me achieving). I am becoming increasingly self efficient and pair that with my eagerness and you have someone making pickles from scratch rather than buying them from the store 5 minutes away.

I am heavily passionate about food. I created this blog in November of 2020, with the name Brainstorm Kitchen simply because I cook through brainstorming. 9 times out of 10, I do not use recipes. I get ideas and execute them. When ever I cook, I eye my seasonings. I like to surprise myself and others so I usually do not taste my food while cooking -I do not recommend this for everyone- because once you sit down, get your tv show ready and take that first bite of this dish you have been crafting and it comes out perfect, it’s a truly amazing feeling.

You all have so much to look forward to in this blog! I plan to share my delicious recipes, write reviews about restaurants, and blogs about food ideas I have and how I would/will execute them.

I hope you all enjoy the blogs and recipes, and my culinary ideas. Please share with your friends and family and be sure to leave a review.

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