Food Production 2 (Cont)

Here is another memory I have from my Food Production 2 class. It is taking place in October of 2018. I am making lamb for the first time ever. Grilled lamb at that. Since there weren’t much students in this class, we usually each got to make dishes ourselves. No partner to bicker with aboutContinue reading “Food Production 2 (Cont)”

Food Production 2

This was one of my final cooking classes I would be taking, and looking through the syllabus it was going to be a fun learning experience for most. Until we heard news that our instructor from ‘Intro Culinary arts’, the same one who put so much work into getting the new culinary building on theContinue reading “Food Production 2”

Advanced Baking (Continued)

Back into baking class, In this weeks class we were going to be creating pastry and dessert components. These pastry components are the bases of desserts that can be altered and prepared in many different ways to create numerous traditional and contemporary desserts. For example with éclair paste (pate a choux) you can do moreContinue reading “Advanced Baking (Continued)”

Post-Grand Opening

As the title implies, this event I am going to divulge into entails what happened shortly after the spectacular grand opening of the new culinary center. If you have not read my previous blog about it, you should go and check that out before reading this one. April 20, 2018. The day after the grandContinue reading “Post-Grand Opening”